Here is something that I agree with wholeheartedly. I’ve seen it time and time again with my dogs. Honor their time, honor their needs.

Denise Fenzi

Acclimation means allowing your dog to become familiar with an environment.  This takes place before any engagement or work starts.

How important is this to me?

It’s one of the three most important things that I’ve learned in the past ten years.  The other two are honoring a dog’s emotional state above all, and allowing for choice in work.

Combine knowledge of acclimation with teaching your dog to drive you to work and match your dog’s overall energy when you interact, and you may well find that your dog’s attention to you and ability to focus and learn SKYROCKETS.  Is that worth an additional ten minutes of your time?

I’m not exaggerating.  Let your dog breathe and you will be shocked at the return on your time investment.  That small courtesy is non-negotiable with a nervous dog or a dog with low working drives, and it’s just generally respectful with…

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