My Guarantee

As a member of both the Karen Pryor Academy and the Pet Professional Guild, I have made a pledge of force-free training, which means that I follow ethical and humane treatment of your dogs during training sessions.

I guarantee:

  • to work with you on a customized training plan or behavior change program for your dog;
  • to use scientifically sound positive reinforcement methods;
  • to work with you to get the best possible results for the situation at hand;
  • to be honest with you on what is and what isn’t possible;
  • to continue my ongoing education and professional development, so that I stay up to date with the most modern techniques in use in the world of dog training.

Here is what I do not, and can not, guarantee. I do not guarantee your dog’s behavior.  Behavior is determined by many factors, only one of which is your commitment to training and management. Other factors might include genetic factors and environmental factors. You will find very few (if any) scientifically oriented behavior professionals will give a guarantee on animal behavior.

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