Finally, I have completed my training course from The Dog Gurus on Canine Body Language at the 101 and 201 levels.  I’m proud of this certificate, although it’s taken me some time to find the time to complete it.

This is an online course, geared towards the Doggie DayCare Market, and is intended as an introduction for new staff members at doggie daycare centers to become aware of how dogs interact, and how to manage a play yard effectively and safely.  The course is divided into two sections.

Canine Body Language 101 covers the topics of reading canine body language basics, how to safely greet dogs, and how to recognize stress and aggression in dogs and put safety measures in place to counteract the stress and potential aggression.

Canine Body Language 201 covers the topics of canine playstyles, leadership within the play yard, and puts a lot more emphasis on managing stress and aggression in the play yard, including techniques on how to defuse potentially difficult situations.

This is an ideal course for new staff members in doggie day care centers, and for people such as myself, who, although I don’t work in a doggie daycare center, I do need to be very aware of accurately and timeously reading dog-dog interactions, and knowing how to defuse situations before they ever even get difficult.  I have found the course to be useful with plenty of additional resources, and bi-weekly teleconference calls to discuss issues that students have come up with.




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