Coaching Clients

I am not a definitive authority on dog training. Nobody is, because that knowledge has not yet arrived in our world. But I do have some valuable things to say to you, my client, to help you in your relationship with your dogs. See me as a doggie-relationship counsellor, if you will.

But here’s the thing: use the things that I say to you as a spur to reveal to yourself how you really feel about the topic we’re discussing. Listening to me actively means that you should watch your reactions to the ideas that I present to you. And knowing your reactions, will tell you where you stand on the subject. This awareness of yourself and your notions is what will allow us to progress to a better place with your dog. Ditto for your dog’s reactions. So see me as a point of reflection, a mirror, into your goals and objectives. There are only so many cookbook recipes that can be applied to your training of your dog. But your relationship with your dog is priceless, individual, and based on your combined unique experiences and genes. That is what matters to me.

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