There’s this thing going around called Meet the Blogger.  I came across it on Laurie Luck’s Facebook page, and she reminded me that we each have a few friends on Facebook that we’ve never actually met in person.  I’m one of those friends of Laurie’s.  In fact, I’m a friend of a number of people on Facebook that I’ve never actually met, but we’re all professional dog trainers, although I’ve only recently become one.  The problem is I’m shy.  More shy than most other shy people.  There’s a reason for that which I don’t really want to go into online.  And because I’m so shy I also struggle with knowing what exactly to blog about.  Every time, I think of a great topic that I really care about, I realize that someone else has already blogged about it.  So what is there left for me to say?  But here you go, here is an introduction to me, with some pictures of how I look and how my dogs look, and how my take on life fits in with the rest of the pet blogging world.  And some answers to those questions about ourselves.

Laurie was actually going to be my KPA faculty teacher when I enrolled onto the dog training program, but I was two weeks too late for her start date at that time, and so I chose Emma Parsons instead as my faculty member.  She lived a little further away from me than Laurie, but it allowed me to start the program in the right timescale.  The KPA dog training course has turned out to be one the best things I’ve ever done with my life.  Still, starting one’s own business as a dog trainer has proven to be a scary thing.  I have marketing to do, I have two great course offerings to provide to local people here, but I have no facility, and I’ve had exactly one private client so far.  Where to go from here?  Am I driven enough?

Yes, I do hate the way I look in front of a camera, especially at the moment, as I’ve just had shoulder surgery, am wearing a sling, dealing with some pain, not able to put on make-up one-handed, can’t blow dry my hair nicely, need my husband to wash it for me anyway, and besides, I’m in desperate need of a hair-cut.  So you’re getting this photo instead, taken 7 months ago, but I still look the same.  It was the day that we went to pick up 8 week-old Dakota-puppy from Newark airport. He looks a lot different now.


What’s your favorite non-animal related book?  There have been so many, as I’ve always been an avid reader, but this one comes to mind right now: “The Dust Diaries: An African Story” written by Owen Sheers.  You see, I grew up in Africa, and that book gave me some good memories of a place that I’ve never been fond of.  The Africa that warms the soul as this book does, is not the Africa that I experienced.  But I’m glad to have read this book.

What’s your favorite non-animal related movie? This one was easy to answer.  It’s “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise.  It’s not my favorite because of Tom Cruise, but because of the messages of dedication and single-mindedness to work ethic that the Samurai warriors and their families follow.  I try to emulate that in my own life.  I believe that whatever I happen to be doing at any moment in time deserves my best work ethic and total dedication. It also explains why, even though I’m a woman, I’m totally awful at multi-tasking…

What’s your favorite non-animal related food? Oh, gee, I’m going to have to turn this list around, as the list of what I don’t like is much shorter than the list of what I do like.  I don’t like soda pop, I don’t like iced tea, and I don’t like raw onions (although grilled or fried onions are great). Oh, and I won’t eat caterpillars or worms or any other insects.  There, that was an easy answer.

What’s one thing you have to do every day? Um, talk to my dogs, each individual one, every day, and look after their needs.  Oh, and clean my glasses multiple times a day because the dogs slobber all over them.

What makes you feel fabulous? Another easy answer.  My husband, Craig, makes me feel fabulous every day of my life.

What do you wish you were more skilled at? This one is not an easy answer.  I have many short-comings.  Do I want to improve them?  Probably not any more,  I’ve learnt that it’s okay to not be perfect, and I’ve learned that the amount of stress I have put on my life in the past to achieve that elusive perfection has not been worth it. And so now I just am what I am, I dedicate myself to doing the bestest, rightest thing in each moment, and if I don’t achieve that completely then I cut myself some slack.  And if I forget to cut myself some slack, then my husband reminds me that, in his eyes, I am perfect.  And so the world keeps on turning.  Lucky me.

What one word would people who know you use to describe you?  Private.

If your pets could talk, what one word would THEY use to describe you? Mummee!!

8 thoughts on “The Shy One’s attempt at Meet the Blogger

  1. Glad you saw the hop on Laurie’s page. She’s one of the blogging friends I actually did meet and she lives very close to where I grew up.

    If you read many of the hop entries, you’ll find lots of shy people to keep you company. I’m not one of them. I’m the oddball extrovert blogger. 🙂

    Now I’m off to read your post about the second fear period that I glimpsed when I clicked on this post. It’s something I’ve experienced with foster dogs and definitely need to learn more.

  2. Nice to meet you!! I love Last Samurai. Beautifully done.

    Everything that’s going to be said has already been said. None of that has been said from your particular point of view. Please don’t hesitate to share. Seriously – there’s so much online that’s stolen and copied OVER AND OVER. People are always looking for a fresh voice, which yours is. New is good, even when it’s already been said. 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you! You know I feel the same way when it comes to blogging. I come up with a good topic, mull it over, get ready to write it and then find someone else just posted about and it seems better than what I would have written so I don’t write. I think that will be one thing I’m going to work on getting over this year. There’s room for everyone to discuss the same topic on the Internet.

    Thank you for joining in the blog hop!

    1. That completely resonated with me Dawn, thanks for saying that. The best advice I’ve had (from my husband) is to write about your own experiences, even if the topics are shared by many of us. So I’m going to consider my own training experiences with my own dogs and those of my clients, and then blog about those. Good luck to you, and thanks for the encouragement. Karen.

  4. I’m so glad you joined the hop – I’m not sure I’d have discovered you otherwise.

    I enjoyed all your answers and will be looking up the Dust Diaries as soon as I’m done here but I wanted to say one thing in particular about your lack of confidence about posting. I don’t know if you ever saw the movie “City of Angels” but there was one line in it that struck a chord with me 15 years ago that I have never forgotten.

    When Nick Cage’s character asks Meg Ryan’s to describe what a pear tastes like she says “What? You don’t know what a pear tastes like?” And he answers “I don’t know what a pear tastes like – to you.”

    Your experiences, your thoughts and your voice are needed here. Everyone and his brother may have written about a topic but if you are passionate about it, if you have thought about it, then your voice needs to be heard. You may reach one person who no one else has ever spoken to. Or you may reach someone who has “heard it all before” but you say it in a slightly different way that just rings true to them.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that. The world would be less without your voice in it.

    PS – We met Laurie at BlogPaws this year and it was a real treat. Since you studied under Emma, I’m pretty sure you live in my area here somewhere. Our trainer is Emma’s colleague, Carolyn Barney. It’s a small world. 🙂

  5. So very nice to meet you! I’m glad that you saw the hop on Laurie’s blog and decided to join in – it’s fantastic to discover your blog!

    Sorry it took me so darn long to stop by… I’m finally catching up from the holidays. 🙂

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