Learning With Dogs is now closed for business.

Compassion fatigue has taken its toll on me, and I can no longer support dogs and their owners. I continue to work in the field of animal behavior – of wild animals, domesticated farm animals and companion animals, but I can’t work directly with people who require my services for an “instant fix” for their dogs’ behavior.

Many professional dog trainers struggle with ongoing compassion fatigue–I am by far not the only one–and self-care in our industry is highly important. It is just that, in my case, the emotional toll has hit me so badly that I have had to step away altogether.

I’d like to recommend local dog trainers (in Mercer and Hunterdon counties in New Jersey and Bucks county in Pennsylvania) who can help you in my place. I thoroughly support and love the work of these professional trainers:

  • Kindred Companions: Molly Sumridge and her team operate in Hunterdon county, NJ and the northern sections of both Mercer county, NJ and Bucks county, PA.